Membership in the Spring Lake Historical Society



Do you have an interest in Spring Lake (Now or Then), People or Places, Parks or Lakes, North End or South End, Your House or another aspect of Spring Lake?  That’s all that is required to join the Spring Lake Historical Society – well almost all.  


The Society has two classes of membership:  Annual Members (dues are $25 annually) and Life Members (dues are $200).  The dues are used to support the Society’s scholarship program, the Museum, the Historical Society’s archival activities, and the Society’s operating expenses.


Members receive the Society’s quarterly Newsletter and notification of special events.  

Members are encouraged, but not required, to become active as docents and participants on various committees and at Society sponsored events.




Please click here to download and print an application for membership in the Society. The application can be completed and returned with a check for dues to Spring Lake Historical Society, P.O. Box 703, Spring Lake, NJ 07762. 




The Spring Lake Historical Society presents two programs a year at the General Meetings, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.  These programs feature guest speakers such as first person interpreters of historic events and famous Americans, or long time Spring Lake residents who share their knowledge of local history.  All members of the Society as well as the public are invited to attend. Admission is free.


The annual General Meeting of the Society is held in June each year, and at this meeting trustees and officers are elected. 

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